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Selected Publications with SCI


1.Ozan Artun,  "Nuclear structure properties in neutron stars", International Journal of Modern Physics E Vol. 29, No. 09, 2050079 (2020),

2. Ozan Artun, "Neutron Skin, Central Depletion, Neutron–Proton Interaction Effects and 2pF Parameterization for Zr in Neutron Stars",Brazilian Journal of Physics volume 50, pages 602–614(2020),

3.Ozan Artun, "Production of energetic 232U, 236,238Pu, 242Cm, 248Bk, 250,252Cf and 252Es radioisotopes for use as nuclear battery in thin targets via particle accelerators". Applied Radiation and IsotopesVolume 166, 2020, 109337,

4.Ozan Artun, "Production calculation of medical 67Ga, 111In, 117mSn, 131,125,123I, 133Xe, 153Sm, 159Gd, 188Re and 201Tl nuclei used for cancer diagnostics in single photon emission computed tomography via theoretical models",  International Journal of Modern Physics E Vol. 29, No. 08, 2050059 (2020)

5.Ozan Artun, "Production of Polonium-208, 209 and 210 for use in nuclear battery via particle accelerator". Applied Physics A volume 126, Article number: 386 (2020).

6. Ozan Artun, "Investigation of production of samarium-151 and europium-152,154,155 via particle accelerator".  Modern Physics Letters A Vol. 34, No. 20, 1950154 (2019).

7. Ozan Artun, "The (n,γ)reaction productions of 35S, 42Ar, 45Ca, 63Ni, 85Kr, 89Sr, 113mCd, 121m,123Sn, 147Pm, 151Sm, 152,154,155Eu, 170,171Tm, 185,188W, 194Os, 204Tl, 210Po, 227Ac, 242,244Cm radioisotopes for using in nuclear battery via phenomenological and microscopic level density models". International Journal of Modern Physics E Vol. 28, No. 08, 1950057 (2019).

​8. Ozan Artun, "Calculation of productions of medical 201Pb, 198Au, 186Re, 111Ag, 103Pd, 90Y, 89Sr, 77Kr, 77As, 67Cu, 64Cu, 47Sc and 32P nuclei used in cancer therapy via phenomenological and microscopic level density models", Applied  Radiation and Isotopes (2019).

​9. Ozan Artun, "A study of nuclear structure properties of even and odd 103-140Sb, 105-143Te, 107-145I, 109-148Xe and 112-151Cs nuclei in the axial deformation", International Journal of Modern Physics E (2018).

10. Ozan Artun, "Calculation of productions of PET radioisotopes via phenomenological level density models" Radiation Physics and Chemistry (2018).

11. Ozan Artun, "Calculation of the mass stopping powers of medical, chemical, and industrial componds and mixtures" Nuclear Technology&Radiation Protection 33 (4) (2018).

12. Ozan Artun, "Investigation of the productions of medical 82Sr and 68Ge for 82Sr/82Rb and 68Ge/68Ga generators via proton accelerator" , Nuclear Science and Techniques (2018).

13. Ozan Artun, "A study of some nuclear structure properties of 11C, 13N, 15O, 18F, 52Mn,52Fe, 60Cu, 62Zn, 63Zn, 66Ga, 68Ga, 76Br, 81Rb, 82Rb, 82Sr, 83Sr, 86Y, 89Zr and 92Rb nuclei used for PET in the axial deformation", Indian Journal of Physics (2018).

14. Ozan Artun, "Estimation of Mass Stopping Power and Range via a New Computer Program X-PMSP.". Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions A: Science (2018).

​​15. Ozan Artun, "Estimation of the production of medical Ac-225 on thorium material via proton accelerator". Applied  Radiation and Isotopes (2017).

16. Ozan Artun, "A study of nuclear structure for 244Cm, 241Am, 238Pu, 210Po, 147Pm, 137Cs, 90Sr and 63Ni nuclei used in nuclear battery". Modern Physics Letter A (2017).

17. Ozan Artun, "Investigation the production of Promethium-147 via particle accelerator". Indian Journal of Physics (2017).

18. Ozan Artun, "Investigation the production of Cobalt-60 via particle accelerator". Nuclear Technology&Radiation Protection 32 (4) (2017).

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